Benefit Xpress 福利即享券 使用說明 (EN)

The e-voucher is not available for cross brand usage.Please refer to store information.
Benefit Xpress
Benefit Xpress is the e-voucher for employee benefit.

The Video of Benefit Xpress e-voucher

About Benefit Xpresse-voucher

An innovative solution specially designed for Taiwan market, Benefit Xpress featuring a unique “Smart Choice” and mono-brand digital gift cards from key retailers including Carrefour, Far Eastern SOGO Department Stores, Far Eastern Department Stores, Watsons, and convenience stores etc.

How to use it at stores?
Detailed Steps
ReminderIf you have already done the action of selecting a brand and successfully entered the ticket page, the next time you open the page and enter your password, you will be directed to the ticket page.