Benefit Xpress 福利即享券 使用說明

票券並非跨品牌通用券,請參閱店點使用資訊The e-voucher is not available for cross brand usage.Please refer to store information.
Benefit Xpress
福利即享券Benefit Xpress
專為員工福利量身打造!Benefit Xpress is the e-voucher for employee benefit.

Benefit Xpress福利即享券影片The Video of Benefit Xpress e-voucher


「Benefit Xpress福利即享券」,以獨特創新的「品牌自選 + 面額任用」電子禮券模式,並結合家樂福、遠東 SOGO 百貨、遠東百貨、屈臣氏、便利商店等大型零售夥伴,針對台灣員工福利市場包含三節、員工生日、尾牙抽獎等的特性所量身打造的創新產品。

如何在店家使用How to use it at stores?

福利即享券詳細使用步驟Detailed Steps
提醒您Reminder如您已做過選擇品牌的動作並且成功進到票券頁,下次開啟頁面並輸入密碼後將直接導到使用票券頁。If you have already done the action of selecting a brand and successfully entered the ticket page, the next time you open the page and enter your password, you will be directed to the ticket page.