Benefit Xpress e-voucher

Benefit Xpresse-voucher

每逢佳節,為了犒賞員⼯,企業通常會發放禮券給員⼯使⽤。 但是訂購禮券、運送、庫存、清點、 管理發放等流程繁瑣⼜⿇煩, 甚⾄可能有竊盜遺失等問題,透過 Edenred 員工福利方案,讓一切變得更容易!我有興趣

Benefit Xpress福利即享券

Enterprises reward employees in a digital and more effective manner, making it easier to purchase, deliver, manage, and take an inventory of e-vouchers (you’re advised to turn on the speaker while watching this clip).

About Benefit Xpresse-voucher

An innovative solution specially designed for Taiwan market, Benefit Xpress featuring a unique “Smart Choice” and mono-brand digital gift cards from key retailers including Carrefour, Far Eastern SOGO Department Stores, Far Eastern Department Stores, Watsons, and convenience stores etc.
How to use it(detailed steps)
One-stop platform for 10 hypermarket/department store brands
Fast delivery makes it convenient to use. It supports multiple use, shows the remaining balance, and can be stored in your e-wallets, contributing to over 80% employee satisfaction rate.
  • 遠東百貨
  • 遠東SOGO百貨
  • 統一時代百貨台北店
  • 台北101
  • 遠東巨城購物中心
  • 特力集團
  • 家樂福
  • 大潤發
  • 屈臣氏
Benefit Xpress 福利即享券
  • 7-ELEVEN
  • 王品集團

  • delivery
  • administrative procedures
  • personal data requirement
  • voucher options
  • timeliness of delivery
  • purchase costs
  • Paper vouchers
  • manual delivery
  • check and receive, distribute, sign in, store, inventory
  • x
  • only one type
  • time-consuming
    (delivered by employees)
  • lower than face value
    (discounts are offered on the purchase value)
  • Benefit Xpress e-voucher
  • SMS/Email
  • delivery all at once after the list is provided
  • only phone number/email is required
    (name is not required)
  • covers all kinds of popular employee benefit vouchers
    (SOGO, FarEast Department, Carrefour,7-ELEVEN)
  • fast
    (after the list is provided, e-vouchers will be delivered no later than the day after)
  • lower than face value
    (e-voucher fees + serial number processing fees + SMS fees, total costs are still lower than the face value)

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