Edenred Taiwan Released latest statistics of Ticket Xpress®

Total 9.26 million Ticket Xpress Issued Volume
Partner with 69 Well-Known Brands

Edenred Taiwan released 2017 key figures of Ticket Xpress® digital voucher. In 2017, it issued a total of 9.26 million Ticket Xpress®, which marked a 26% year-on-year growth and accounted for 7% of the market share.

As of 2017, Edenred Taiwan has partnered with 64 rewards points platforms. In terms of B2B e-gifting procurement, Edenred Taiwan not only have progress in finance, insurance, and telecommunications but also made great strides in home appliances and consumer products. As of the end of 2017, the number of large corporate clients is around 400. Meanwhile, Edenred Taiwan set up a B2B e-commerce website (Ticket Xpress® Corporate Gifting Platform: https://b2b.ticketxpress.com.tw) to expand its reach to SMEs.

As for affiliated brands, as of the end of 2017, Edenred Taiwan has teamed up with 69 well-known brands to launch Ticket Xpress®, which encompassed 518 items in department stores, hypermarkets, four major convenience stores, fast food restaurants, tourism and transportation, as well as recreation and entertainment. In 2017, Edenred Taiwan introduced Ticket Xpress® Smart Voucher, a mobile version of Ticket Xpress®, enabling affiliated brands to digitize their gift cards and paper gift certificates while selling it on Edenred’s digital channels. The most successful case was the virtual merchandise cards of convenience stores, whose sales topped NT$100 million in less than a year since its roll-out in September 2017.

Edenred Taiwan spares no efforts in product innovation and system services. In 2017, Edenred Taiwan pioneered “Ticket Xpress Smart Voucher” to provide a smooth user experience, and to protect privacy and transaction security. It is also highly integrated with Apple Wallet and Google Pay. Users of iPhone or Android can store Ticket Xpress Smart Voucher into mobile wallets which fully meets the payment needs of the mobile generation. In terms of system services, Ederend Taiwan’s Ticket Xpress platform has linked 69 brand partners, 13,410 stores, 32,220 POSs, and 64 point platforms or APP, and more than 3 million users.

Edenred Taiwan will adhere to its multi-win strategy—We connect, You win—and be deeply engaged in Taiwan’s e-voucher market this year (2018). As of June 2018, Edenred Taiwan has already had signed up with Far Eastern Department Stores, Asia Miles, CPC and E-DA World, and at the same time,  launches the virtual stored card system which in turn, is expected to set the trend in the digitization of paper vouchers. Building on the success of Ticket Xpress® Smart Voucher, Edenred Taiwan once again took the lead in the first half of this year (2018) with the launch of multiple-use e-voucher, which features multiple redemption and self-selection, allowing consumers to choose the brands they like. It is anticipated that Edenred Taiwan will introduce more convenient features in the second half of this year to meet consumers’ demands.

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